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Birds are amazing
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Budgie Sprint! by blackdahlia INTJ Stamp by zakarranda -relatively weaker N and J
Levi is the best :iconheichoukiraplz: I do not support ships involving him, FYI
(Saying that is an absolute understatement. I have so much admiration for that cool guy)

Some things about me:
-I'm 15
-I like birds and learning about them. Learning in general.
-I play the piano and violin. I'm very much a piano snob :D
-I do kendo, jiu jitsu, kung fu, and karate. It was never my intent to do so many, but the circumstance escalated, if you will.
-I know/am learning English, Spanish, Chinese, and French. I want to learn Latin
-I'm propelled by my inherent need to understand.. To varying degrees, aren't we all?

Some opinions
-I believe it's always beneficial to understand the inner workings of people as a whole, whatever your intentions, knowing what makes people click and how they think will prove to be quite valuable.
-It's important to me that I am provided with the purest raw source possible so that I may give a fair analysis
-In every joke, in every delusional statement, there is a grain of truth, however small and however tainted by whatever we perceive. Ideas do not emerge from nothing. Nothing emerges from nothing or happens without reason.
-So many things are subjective. There are rarely clear cut answers, if ever. Along those lines, there are no truths, only interpretations. How can one see without perspective marring their vision?

Quotes I like
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."-Carl Sagan
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."-Aldous Huxley
"There comes a time in life when gems cease to sparkle and gold loses its allure"-Pokemon X and Y
Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. - Ernest Hemingway (although this one is true only to an extent)

Commission, anybirdie? :iconyaaayplz:

Note: It seems I'm getting busier and busier, so if I don't respond to you thanking me for something, you're very welcome by default.
Another default: Thank you guys so much for every fav/watch :D

Distinction of Refinement

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 1, 2015, 1:42 PM

For me, the difference between a sketch and a finished piece of pencil work is quite significant. 
Finished work: Barn Owl by MagicBirdie
sketchy work: Easter Egger poof (sketch) by MagicBirdie
This highlights the differences in my approaches, contrasting the drawing carefully from reference from quickly drawing with or without reference. In one, the shading is meticulous, in the other, scribbles. 
To better illustrate this, I went and photographed some sketches in my sketchbook that would never otherwise see the light of day.
Untitled by MagicBirdieUntitled by MagicBirdieUntitled by MagicBirdieUntitled by MagicBirdie
Of course, these take much less time than the refined works.
The same is true for digital art. My finished pieces always have refined edges, and, apart from the time I spend on it, that's the only real distinction between a speedpaint and something more finished.
For example, these two both took me around an hour (and they're both quite old)
Betta speedpaint by MagicBirdieScissor Tailed Flycatcher by MagicBirdie
the one that has hard edges is not considered a speedpaint because my speedpaints are generally on only one layer and I do not use the "preserve opacity"/clipping/the idea of restricting color to a certain place.
The finished pencil works I make are few and far between now. I am willing to do more, of course, but they do take up significantly more time. I don't do many digital "speedpaints" because the techniques I use for those aren't ones I'm comfortable with :P (Lick)
What do you all think? Do any of these styles appeal to you more than another? Do you think sketchy drawings are just as worthwhile as finished ones? Which kind(s) would you prefer to see from me? Would you not care? If you were to commission me, what would you prefer?

In other news, today is the fateful day when my PM embarks on its journey to the morgue. 
In other other news, this video was reuploaded-the audio is better now

Skin by SimplySilent


Cuthillius How's this, eh?
14721 3 by MagicBirdie14721 2 by MagicBirdie14721 by MagicBirdie
though I can't go for high damage very often due to the multiplayer problem.

I̟̠ͮͫ͆ͪ ͈̜̊̋ͦͨ͠L̨͓̹͕̃̅́ͮO̠͇̭͖̹̬̹ͥ̏̌ͦ̃ͧV͉̭̝̟̞ͯͣ̿ͫ̄̔E͙̙̪̩̮͗̋ͥ̄͞ ̣͈̥̦̟P̘̘̼͇̕I͓͚̝͌͒̏̄ͮͅA̦̼̪̝̮͌̆̊͐̈N̘̼̤͛̔͐͠O̟͓͖̘̮͎̍ͫS̪͎͋ ̩̺̩̦̤S̱ͩ͗̎̓Ǫ̞ ̄̉̆̾͑̚Mͧ̾̂̎̓̚҉̥̰̦͉Ū̧̳̯̲̱̼ͫ̄̑C͚͊͒ͯ͑̌ͨH̢͔̯

Me Piano by MagicBirdie

As of yesterday, I am of purple rank in kendo.
Just for the fun of it, talk to me and I'll act as (nonswearing) Levi. I'm not bad at this (he is an INTJ, after all. I share many of his beliefs) :D
Edit: for context, you can be some random person he doesn't know whom he meets at the survey corps headquarters.

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