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Budgie Sprint! by blackdahlia INTJ Stamp by zakarranda
Levi is the best Levi Rivaille (Time to Kill) [V2] by Jerikuto Levi Rivaille (Tornado Slash) [V1] by Jerikuto

:iconmagicbirdie: is :iconflyingtypeplz: / :icondarktypeplz:
Or possibly :iconflyingtypeplz: / :iconpsychictypeplz:

Commissions, anybirdie? :iconyaaayplz:

Some things about me:
-I'm 14
-As you can see, I like birds and learning about them, things like ornithology, aviculture, etc.
-I do competitive battling with pokemon... The games are too easy sometimes
-I eat anything unhealthy.
-I have an almost unnaturally high heart rate
-Reverend Sheep
-I do kendo
-Spout juice!
-When you are sleeping, I will come to your house and put a dead mouse in your mouth
-While I used to read about birds a LOT, but now I've been doing it less, unfortunately, I've gotten rusty on my scientific names, IDing species from a certain group (Ex. amazon parrots, hybrid macaws) :/
-by nature, I am secretive. I'm not going to elaborate on that... Make of it what you will, but keep in mind there's more to everyone than meets the eye.

PLEASE NOTE: I am the sole citizen of Antarctica, and thus the entire government as well (I run a dictatorship). I also represent the Antarctican Department of Execution, and I have ALL OF YOU on my list. No need to worry, I have my torture machines ready to go.
I am a diplomat in the United States at the moment.

Things I've said that I believe in
-I believe it's always beneficial to understand the inner workings of people as a whole, whether your intentions are to befriend or murder them, knowing what makes people click and how they think will prove to be quite valuable.
-If there comes a time when I lose the ability to think clearly and see things for what they are, I don't think I would be able to live. It's important to me that I am provided with the purest raw source as possible so that I may give a fair analysis
-In every joke, in every delusional statement, there is a grain of truth, however small and however tainted by whatever we perceive.
-Never underestimate the potency of human "stupidity" and misunderstandings...

Quotes I like
"It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring."
"Life asked death- "Why do so many people fear you?" Death responded- "Because you are a beautiful lie, and I am the painful truth."
"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

:iconankylosaurornis: :icontoastedpotatoes: :icontashek87: :iconstartrekrecruit: and :iconmtorchic: go to my school. MUAHAHAHAHA! Malicious hand rubbing? I think yes.

Your spirit pokemon is Pikachu! Your spirit pokemon has chosen to guide you as you are hardy by nature and you do what's in good nature and you tend to hate Racism, Sexism, Homophobia and animal cruelty. You are a very smart person and have brilliant company. Pikachu will help you move on and give you courage to stand up for what is right and will help you remain a possitive, bright person.

I got pikachu in the mystery dungeon in game quiz, too! Pikachu has always been my favorite. If I can't have a pikachu on my pokemon team, I get a mareep or something and name it Pika
So there's me, a weird competitive overachiever, and I have the stupidest inferiority complex. Those things do not mix well. At all.
Hm, do I want to elaborate? Probably not. 
I will say this, though.
It all either stems from or manifests itself in jealousy toward a single individual which is the most ridiculous and irrational thing because lots of evidence suggests otherwise, but ah, isn't that human nature? My brain will always find a reason that person is better, and this "reason" is nothing more than a false excuse.
Funny how our minds work, isn't it? And me, being a person who largely depends on logic and reason and would rather not have feelings at all, this annoys me immensely. 
This way, no matter how much I accomplish, I will always feel inferior. I wish I could just stop. I hate myself for being like this and I hate the fact that I'm not good enough. I try to suppress it, though it probably isn't the best idea, but there is no way not to see their accomplishments and be obliged to be happy for them. It's only that one person, too (and there's no way I'm telling anyone who it is), that can make me jealous. I'm usually genuinely happy for people upon finding that they have improved or whatever.
Maybe I should just accept my inferiority because it really is making me miserable. Maybe I should just "slow down" as they say, and "enjoy the simple things in life". However, it isn't possible to do that with no regrets. On the other hand, how will I ever be content if I keep trying?
That's the thing, there is never a clear cut answer. When "right" and "wrong" are subjective and placed on the spectrum of our own morals, it's hard to judge what to do. 
I find that unproductivity has the same effect on many: it makes them want to be productive.
Well, unfortunately, it does not have this effect on me. It makes me feel horrible and uncomfortable. I want to be productive, but when I'm feeling like that, I cannot.
I hate it when things are irrational. The more I think about how my brain works, no, how human nature works, the more irrational it all seems.
With all the lack of purpose lately, there has been plenty of room for my mind to wander.

Okay. Bye guys, and remember: You people aren't horrible. I'm the only horrible one here *hides*
(also, I sure hope I don't regret posting this later. *sigh* So many things..)

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